Lectio Divinae (under construction)


Opening the Scriptural Door

      The structure of lectio:  L-M-C-O and A-C-T-S  (Psalm 1)

      Discovering resonances to other scripture (Doing the will of father)

      The importance of geography and family (Righteousness is in doing)

      Create a new song

      Reading with a questioning mind (Psalm 8)


A solid foundation.  Meditations on faith. 

      What does it mean to believe? 

      Why donít we get what we ask for? (Luke 18: 1-8a)  

      What is truth? 

      What is freedom in Christ? (Let us rejoice in our freedom)


      Do not grow weary in doing good


      Conquering fear (Psalm 27)

      Look on us again with favor

      May we revere the Spirit


Following Jesus

      Repent and follow me.  Come and you will see.

      The prophets were talking to you (Isaiah 58: 1-12)

      You have to be there to believe

      I am the Good Shepherd

      Alive and free at last

      The road to Damascus is just one leg on the journey to conversion (Acts 22)

      Just believe (Whence came the Savior?)

      Sweet sorrow


Songs of Ascent

      Rejoice in your baptism

      Christ, the image of the invisible God


Difficult topics

      The end of the world  (Luke 12: Fire)

      Imprecatory prayer (Pray for those who persecute you)

      The conflicting genealogies of Joseph (What is of God?)


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