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The glory that crowns God is beautiful, while the glory that crowns man is material and based on status.Note also that the poem seems to be set at night, since David remarks on the moon and stars, but not the sun or the landscapes visible during the day.It is from above these darkened heavens that Godís glory emanates.


A number of questions occur as we reflect on the psalm:

 Why is praise ordained from children because of the enemies of God?

 How does praise of God silence the foe and the avenger?

 Who are the enemies of God?

 David calls Him ďour LordĒ.Is he also your Lord, or only Davidís?

 Who is the foe?Who is the avenger?What is it avenging?


The psalm says that only children can vanquish the enemies of God, and their praise of God silences the foe and the avenger.God ordained these small, weak creatures as his champions, because are mighty in thing that adults lack: innocence, truthfulness, curiosity and trust.From the strengths of these champions, we can infer that Godís real enemies are cynicism and falsehood.Falsehood is the foe, the enemy--Satan.Now consider what avengers do.They perpetuate blood feuds.Isnít the child who refuses to avenge his fatherís murder and ends the cycle of bloodshed far more powerful than any killer?Now that we have identified the enemies of God as cynicism and falsehood, it is clear why David promises that praise as innocent as that of a child will silence those enemies.


Contemplatio.†† Adoration.Contemplating the night sky, with its moon and stars, I see reflected in them your beauty, O Lord.They are so large, and we so small, yet you care for us above everything else.What miracle is within us that you love it so much?Confession.We live our lives asleep, unaware of your presence, unaware that we are special.Thanksgiving.You granted us insight, such that the least of us is wiser than the plants and animals.But most wonderful of all is the renewal of the world in each child.In that child is the ability to forgive and believe and make the world anew.Supplication.Grant us the trusting natures of children, Lord, so that with those who greeted the Savior as He entered Jerusalem, we can shout ďHosanna!ĒThat praise will defeat falsehood and overpower cynicism, your greatest enemies.


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