A Sample of Lectio Divina (continued)


Oratio: pray from your newfound understanding.

One suggested means of prayer is abbreviated ACTS: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. 


And so join me in prayer, "(A) Lord, you made us with a wonderful capacity to feel the peace and love and joy that you radiate. You give us a wonderful opportunity in life to demonstrate your Presence to those who do not yet sense you by performing a loving deed. (C) And yet, Lord, all too often, we allow fear or anger to grip us, and so we fail to drink in your Presence. Or we allow pride to grip us and so we look down on our brother or our sister with contempt. Or we allow greed to keep us from giving needed aid. (T) And yet, Lord, you also revive us from our fears and anger and pride and greed. Without your guidance, we would wallow in those terrible emotions. But you guide us back to your Light. Thank you! (S) And so, Lord, we ask: guard us from doing wrong. Energize us to repair the damage of sin. Keep us not just from the acts that the Pharisees call sin, but also from malice and gossip and obstructing those who want to help -- guard us from the sins of the heart. Help us to love you from the heart and do what you will and bear good fruit by loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.




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