A Sample of Lectio Divina (continued)


Contemplatio. As we contemplate in silence, we become like the tree that the Psalm describes. Silent, quiet of mind, we see the world anew: 


Fruit from Psalm 1.


These men, running up and down,

Doing their wicked deeds,

Blocking others from doing good,

Or dragging them down with sneers...

I have seen generations of them pass away,

While I remain, silently drinking in God's word.

The seasons outside may be dry and hot,

So that others faint and fail.

But my thirst is quenched from within,

Invisibly satisfied through my roots.

Unlike the wicked, I don't do much:

I cast the shade in which the traveler rests,

I grow the fruit that the hungry eat,

I breathe out the oxygen that gives life.

I, who live on God's righteousness alone,

I am part of God's Presence on earth

I am rest and food and breath,

giving freely to the just and unjust alike.

Unlike the wicked, I know God

and he makes me to prosper even in adversity.


May the Lord add a blessing to the reading of the scripture and to a Psalm written from contemplation of it.


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